Monday, December 12, 2011

Why is it

Why is it so hard  to start  Reality show in St.Louis, Missouri. I need to talk or e-mail right people to start this. We have the people have big things and we have plenty of drama . Who don't. I really want to start this. So tell me what you think or if you that person or persons I need to chat to or email too please leave your information. Or face book or twitter(314Louis) To all the women of St.Louis Help me to push this..

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I hate to start of to a new blog with men haten. One thing you have good man then other hand you have to deal with a so-call man can not stand on own two feet without a woman. I can't stand those type of men. Now I have to deal with this crap! I put him out and send him to jail and still he won't be a man. I paid for all the bills and he thinks he is doing something on my pay check. This is it. I had a enough. The only way he will leave if he goes to jail. I set him up with a female online and he got busted and try to turn the tables on me . Still he have these Bitch Fits.. He can't stand have no money in pocket but he will sit around til I get paid. I need help.. Or somebody please slap me til I wake up. He is a bully so he knows he can strong arm me. I know he is pussy he can not stand up to real man. That's what I need .. A man come and knock on my door and get this wanna be man out of my house.